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 The DAPconstrucción® Programme is a programme that brings together companies that manufacture construction products and materials that are committed to sustainability and the environment, and wish to make progress in analysing the environmental impacts of their products.

The objective is to bring together those manufacturing companies that wish to commit themselves to the environmental improvement of their production processes with the aim of providing the construction sector with the necessary environmental transparency so that technicians and professionals can make the right decisions when choosing the products to be used in their projects.

Through the environmental transparency of the construction sector, technicians and professionals can select products according to environmental criteria, beyond aesthetic, economic and functional ones.

DAPcons® Certification is a pioneering EPD ecolabelling programme for construction in Spain, following European guidelines and regulated by the ISO 14025 and 15804 standards.

Ecolabels in the construction sector

Ecolabels are useful to quickly distinguish the best products from an environmental point of view. This video explains the main differences between Type I, II and III ecolabels.

Advisory Council

It is made up of diverse experts representing stakeholders in the development of environmental product declarations in the construction sector:

  • APCE (Spanish Association of Construction Developers)
  • AVS (Promotores Públicos de Vivienda y Suelo – Public Housing and Land Developers)
  • Col-legi de l’Arquitectura Técnica de Barcelona (Association of Technical Architecture of Barcelona)
  • Col-legi d’Enginyers de Camins, Canals i Ports de Catalunya (Association of Road, Canal and Port Engineers of Catalonia)
  • Col-legi d’Enginyers Industrials de Catalunya (College of Industrial Engineers of Catalonia)
  • ASCAMM Technology Centre
  • Col-legi d’Enginyers Tècnics Industrials de Barcelona (Association of Industrial Engineers of Barcelona)
  • Col-legi d’Arquitectes de Catalunya (Architects’ Association of Catalonia)
  • Eduardo Torroja Institute of Construction Sciences
  • Directorate General for Environmental Quality (Generalitat de Catalunya)
  • Direcció General de Qualitat de l’Edificació i Rehabilitació de l’Habitatge (Housing Agency)
  • Directorate General for Architecture and Housing Policy (Ministry of Public Works)
  • Higher Technical School of Architecture of Vallès (UPC)
  • GBCE
  • CAT (Generalitat de Catalunya)
  • INCASÒL (Generalitat de Catalunya)
  • Institute of Environmental Science and Technology (ICTA-UAB)
  • LABEIN – Tecnália
  • LEiTaT
  • ReMa
  • Autonomous University of Barcelona
  • ETSAV, Escola Enginyers de Camins (School of Civil Engineering)
  • School of Agricultural Engineering

Sectoral panels

Sectoral panels are a mechanism for stakeholder consultation and participation in the Product Category Rule (PCR) development process. Panels have been set up for thermal insulation, ceramics, stone and aggregates.

The panels are made up of representatives of companies, business associations or other organisations or experts within certain product categories and are convened on the basis of the interest of companies supplying construction products to obtain a DAPcons®.


 ECOPlatform is an international organisation, established on 4 June 2013, which brings together all European EPD or Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) operators in the

construction sector, including the Spanish DAPcons® Programme of the Colegio de Arquitectura Técnica de Barcelona (CATEB).

For more information, please consult the link to the organisation’s website.

Collaborating entities

 The DAPcons® Programme and the Green Building Council of Spain have a collaboration agreement to enhance the promotion of sustainable building in Spain. Among their agreements is also the recognition of the Environmental Product Declarations of construction in the VERDE certification.

GBCE has a section on its website with information on the Environmental Product Declaration. In addition, in its construction materials platform you can find a list of products with low environmental impact and associated with EPD to facilitate the choice of products for professionals in the construction sector. The Materials Platform is a GBCe service for professionals and companies, which aims to provide environmental information on products and construction systems, visualising their environmental, social and economic benefits.

More detailed information is available at the following link.

DAPcons® Product Verifiers

 Verifiers determine whether a company’s environmental product declaration complies with international standards, Programme requirements and relevant product category rules.

The verifiers are independent professionals or institutions, accredited by the DAPcons® Programme Manager, who have not been involved in the LCA or the drafting of the DAPcons®, nor have any conflict of interest in relation to the company developing it.