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DAPconstrucción® programme
Membership of the DAPconstrucción® programme

Membership of the DAPconstrucción® programme

 Membership of the DAPconstrucción® Programme is open to all manufacturing companies that want to achieve immediate or future environmental transparency of their products by reducing the environmental impact associated with the life cycle of buildings.

To become a member you have to register as a company and fill in the requested data on the DAPcons digitisation platform. 

Once approved and accepted, the invoice will be sent for payment of the annual membership fee and the company will become part of the Programme and enjoy all the rights and benefits that it entails.

Main benefits for DAPconstrucción® Programme Members


  • PERSONALISED ADVICE for development and decision-making.
  • ACCOMPANIMENT in the process of obtaining the DAP and
  • INFORMATION OF NEWS about type III ecolabel, regulatory changes, etc. to our
  • BE PART OF THE DATABASE of the member companies of the programme.
  • DISSEMINATION IN OUR COMMUNICATION CHANNELS: newsletter, website, social networks,
  • ACCREDITED PROFESSIONAL ENTITY SPECIALISED IN THE SUBJECT MATTER that ensures compliance with the regulatory framework of the programme.
  • BE PART OF A COMMUNITY OF COMPANIES that are committed to sustainability in the construction

 Digitisation platform

 This service is free for companies affiliated to the DAPConstrucción® programme and does not imply any additional cost to the company, allowing the automatic incorporation of your products into the national and European reference databases so that any construction professional or prescriber can establish selection criteria based on environmental impact parameters. Digitise the information in the DAPcons® so that this information can form part of all the sector’s reference databases and thus be incorporated into BIM models and the main market databases.

Main advantages of the platform:

  • Free of charge for affiliated
  • There is no additional cost to the
  • Automatic incorporation of your products into national and European digital reference databases.
  • Access to your product database for professionals or
  • Possibility to establish selection criteria based on environmental impact
  • Added value compared to the competition.
  • Direct advertising of your
  • Be informed at all times of the status of the EPD during the development
  • Access to data and consultation of current

DAPconstrucción® Programme Membership Fee

The Ecolabelling Programme is self-financed by contributions from companies applying for Type III ecolabels.

For more information contact sostenible@cateb.cat

Registering a product in the DAPconstrucción® programme

The EPDcons® have a defined validity period of 5 years. If during the period of validity changes occur at the technological level that may lead to a variation of the environmental impact in the range of 5-10% of the product affected by the EPDcons®, the organisation must inform the administrator and initiate a review of the EPDcons®.

Procedure for registering a product 

Organisations/companies that want to register a product in the DAPconstruction® programme must follow the procedure according to:

  1. Must be affiliated to the Programme.
  1. They must be familiar with the development procedures of a DAPcons® and the Product Category Rules (PCR) applicable to their product

In case the CPR document or international standard has not yet been developed for the specific product, the generic CPR must be used. In this case, prior approval by the programme administrator is required when making the request for registration of the DAPcons.

  1. Develop a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) study in accordance with the relevant Product Category Rules (PCR). The LCA must be performed by an LCA consultant, either internal or external to the The consultant must be registered on the programme operator’s platform as a consultant. The LCA report shall follow the format determined by the PCRs.
  1. Contact and arrange for data verification by an independent verifier accredited by the Programme who will carry out the pre-registration


  1. Make the request for registration of the EPD through the platform by the organisation/company. The programme operator will issue an invoice according to the registration Once the request has been made by the organisation/company, the consultant must access the platform to generate the DAPcons®.
  1. The (registered) consultant, once the request for registration has been made by the organisation, must enter all the necessary data from the DAPcons® from the LCA study, following the guidelines of the procedure and the corresponding CPR’s.

Once all the data has been entered, the platform sends communication to the verifier in order to proceed with the verification. From this moment on, the consultant cannot make any modifications.

  1. The DAPcons accredited verifier checks the data and documents entered. In the case of incidents, he creates warning notes for the consultant.
  1. Once the entire data entry process has been completed and verified, the Programme Administrator, after verifying the payment of the corresponding fee through the platform, approves the registration of the DAPcons® and sends the data digitally, as well as the document in pdf format, to the DAPcons website, the ECOPlatform (if applicable) and other related The DAPcons® can also be consulted in the organisations’ private space on the platform.


Validity of the EPD

The environmental product declaration is valid for 5 years from the date of publication. After 5 years the EPD is no longer valid and needs to be renewed in order to be valid.

To reward the loyalty of our customers and their trust in the DAPcons® programme, we offer companies that wish to continue with us a discount on the fee when renewing their type III ecolabel (DAPcons®).